Homo Faber — Toward a Theory of Metaconstructivism #1

a definition of Constructivism 


The most distinctive aspect of the species “Homo” is not the attribute “sapiens”, but “faber

We may also use the previous simple phrase to explain the way how constructivism represents knowledge and science. 

What the “constructivist” puts into question, above all, is the fact that human knowledge may aim to the one thing that we have the audacity to call “Truth”, in contrast to the widespread attitude in the scientific community that talk about reality using the word “demonstration”. 

When says “reality“, the constructivist means something that, using more propriety, should define coherence, as what is effective in responding to the desired objective within the parameters of the model defined, where model means a formal expression of numerical and / or lingustic nature, which may or may not be representative of the Entire (the “whole” that no one constructivist, as phenomenologist, can dare “to know”).


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